CHOSTEN hosting was created in 2013 to take care of the successful operation of sites and pleasantly surprise with a high level of quality.

Mission - place sites in a comfortable and efficient place to stay.

Purpose - to reduce the problem of customers with finding high-quality and reliable website hosting to zero.

Hosting Chosten regularly fulfills its mission and achieves the goal due to the main parameters:

  1. Not for all. Hosting works for those who are primarily interested in quality, reliability and willing to pay for it.
  2. Individual customization. Each new resident of a hosting takes the place which is picked up and equipped specially under his CMS.
  3. Power and speed. The best equipment, adjusted to the individual characteristics of hosted sites, works quickly and without failures.
  4. Responsive support. Assistance to owners of web resources in solving emerging problems and questions is provided without delay.


Offer to provide services for citizens of Ukraine Read contract offer
and privacy policy

Acceptance of the terms of the public offer is considered the implementation of the customer payment for services on the site and receiving the corresponding notification confirming the fact of payment.

Written agreement for legal entities

Legal entities may enter into an agreement only in writing. Before signing the contract, upon your request, we can send you an electronic contract via e-mail for review. To sign a contract or to receive an electronic contract for review, send a request by mail

Terms of Service

Please follow the generally accepted norms of using the Internet and the rules of using hosting. At fixing of the fact of violation the corresponding measures will be taken, into flesh before blocking of the account. Thank you for understanding.

We use the services of exclusively high-quality and proven data centers. Our DC located in Russia, Germany and Ukraine.


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  • Easy to write in support
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