SSL certificates

SSL is a security certificate that encrypts data during transmission between the client’s browser and the server. Without it, all data is transmitted in plain text, which is easy to intercept.

Why do I need an SSL certificate

Security. Connection via SSL reliably encrypts data, even if they are intercepted, they will not be decrypted or distorted. Therefore, it will be safe to pay by credit card or enter your personal account. Remember that your username and password without SSL is transmitted in clear text as plain text!

The trust. A site without a green strip - muviton. If you do not believe, you can go to your favorite sites and make sure. When there is no green bar on the site, the browser will notify the user that the site is not secure and cannot be trusted.

SEO. Sites with SSL are ranked higher than without it. Hardly a decisive factor in SEO, but definitely a small plus for a little money.

The advantage of a secure connection

Above position in systems Google officially
declares that sites
with SSL are ranked higher
Protect your data A protocol that
securely encrypts
Customer trust Green bar
increases customer

Free installation

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