Virtually dedicated server (VDS)

VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) - all this is the designation of a virtual dedicated server. That it can be an alternative replacement for the physical server.

Order assembly VPS under Bitrix

Attention! At the moment we are preparing only VPS with individual parameters based on the Bitrix environment.

VPS can successfully use sites and portals that are important for high speed, individual settings and no downtime:

  • online shopping (reducing the speed of the site takes revenues in a certain direction - to competitors);
  • information portals (such resources can wait for attendance jumps, and no one will be glad about disruptions in work);
  • corporate portals (a simple portal will bring nothing but idleness to a business);
  • high load projects.

Advantages of the virtual server:

  • Immediately to work. Just a few minutes - and the VPS takes up its functions.
  • Fulfills wishes. All virtual server resources can be customized and changed at any time.
  • Security. You control all system data and processes in complete isolation from other VPS.
  • Cost control. A virtual server with a proper configuration selection is cheaper than a dedicated server.

The cost of the VPS is based on the required configurations. Individual set of settings = individual cost for each client. Contact us, we will be happy to help!

How much is VPS for Bitrix and Bitrix24?

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