NetCat hosting

от 40 dollar/month

Ideal environment

We understood the features of NetCat CMS, thought well and developed special rates. All hosting conditions will be created for the site so that it works quickly and efficiently.

Rewarded for making the right choice

When you buy a hosting for 6+ months, you get a full 2 hours programmer for various works on the site.

One-click installation

Developers strive to make their product better, so they regularly release updates. Installing the latest version of NetCat will take a whole one click.

Why we

Powerful server hardware 24 core processors
CPU 3.0GHz
and RAM > 96 GB
Powerful server hardware
Setup of software
for servers
Using the
Setup of software<br> for servers
Generous loyalty program Favorable rates,
bonuses, discounts
and promotions
<span>Generous</span> loyalty program
Convenient management Panel of payment
and server
Convenient management
Hosting on SSD drives We use only
fast industrial
SSD Kingston
Hosting on SSD drives
Stable servers Simple
4 hours
from 2014
Stable servers
24 hour support Database configuration,
cleaning and protection
from viruses
24 hour support
Affiliate program We pay 50% of all payments
attracted customer during
the whole payment period
Affiliate program

Comparison download speed

We strive to introduce and develop the most advanced and advanced technologies in this area, leaving customers with complete independence and ease of using the latest IT infrastructure in full.

Chosten hosting
pages per second
Normal hosting
pages per second

We use powerful modern servers

Every 2 years we completely upgrade the production capacity!

  • Intel Xeon 2х E5-2697v2
  • CPU core count: 24
  • Base frequency: 3.0GHz
  • Number of threads: 16
Disk system
  • Capacity: 2000 billion bytes;
  • Record: 2500 million bytes / sec.;
  • Resource rewrite: 1200 TBW;
  • Random reading: to 500 000 IOPS;
  • Random entry: to 480 000 IOPS;
  • Reliability (MTBF): 1.5 mln. hours
OS templates
  • Any OS + ISPmanager Recommended
  • Any OS + VM BitrixENV Recommended for Bitrix
  • CentOS 6.x / 7.x
  • Fedora 21
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / 16.04 LTS
  • Debian 7 / 8 /9
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 (extra charge)
  • Your OS from the image iso

For shared hosting use
Centos 7 in conjunction with CloudLinux!

  • Size: 32*4 GB

More computing resources

Comparison of hardware
Processor (Intel Xeon 2х E5-2697v2)
Ordinary processor
RAM (optimization)
RAM (no optimization)
Normal HDD
Perfect for Google PageSpeed

We installed and configured all the necessary software on the server so that the sites could get as many Google PageSpeed test scores as possible. Do not forget about image optimization (jpegoptim, optipng)!
Instructions on how to optimize a site.

Average server load 39%

The load is monitored in real time 24/7. Algorithms distribute users so that the stable load on the server does not exceed 50%. Now the load is kept at around 39%.


Simple and intuitive control panel
will help you effectively and with pleasure
to manage your own services!

  • More 20 payment systems and 3 currencies
  • Easy to buy and renew services
  • Manage account with
    using the application
  • Attract partners
    and learn statistics
  • Easy to write in support
    and get an answer

Additional software acceleration


Static caching
audio/video files, etc.)


Automatic compression
of pages in the process
of data transfer.


Accelerating computations
using PHP accelerators.


distributed network
and infrastructure.

But we have a half, which is perfect for any of our partners and will delight him for life - this is a remuneration of 50% of the amount of payment of each client brought. We can share!

Buy hosting with profit

Take advantage of the maximum benefits and save up to 70% of the cost.

as a gift
In the zone .ru or .com
Any for 1 year
for free!
Discount up to 30%
when paying for the year
Extend virtual hosting
for 1 year and get a 30% discount!
6 months - 15%, and 3 - 5%.
30 days for free! Before you pay
absolutely free!
With the move we will help :)
SSL free
for secure communication
We provide free SSL for 3 months!
We will consult and install.
We do not send spam

Покупка и установка SSL

Подберем и установим оптимальный SSL для вашего сайта бесплатно

Earn with us!

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